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Atheists United

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Atheist Nation: Enter the Realm of Logic
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This community is for free thinking individuals of all ages and all walks of life, who understand (or at least wonder about) the real truth: Logic is Infallible. As atheists, we have broken free from the socio-political grip of religion and the illogical concepts of any type of 'supreme, almighty, all-knowing' being or beings. We do not believe that GOD or GODS exist. We do not believe there is a GOD. We do not hold any books sacred (i.e Bible, Koran, Iliad etc.). We are not looking for 'salvation' at the hands of anyone. We are not interested in loving or worshiping your GOD/GODS because they do not exist.

While it must be clear that we all have different views and backgrounds, it should also be clear: we all agree that there is/are no GOD/GODS. On that note it is important that we remain respectful of each other and put aside our differences for the common cause of uniting and bringing our voices together. We must be heard. Enough of the brainwashing.

The Dozen Dos:
0) Always question: Ask, ponder, wonder and for the love of humanity, think!

1) Be respectful: You are free to state your opinions but there's no competition here.

2) Post related material only: This is not a personal blog zone. Long rants of why you dislike/hate religion will be deleted.

3) Unrelated posts will be deleted: No spam, clogging or random flaming is allowed. Hate speech and asshole-ism will not be tolerated.

4) LJ-Cuts are useful: Use them. Long incessant blocks of badly formatted text will be deleted regardless of content. If you want to garner responses, post readable material. Use line-breaks and paragraphs and basic punctuation. Your message can very easily be lost to readers in undefined context.

5) This is not a place for you to rant aimlessly: Free-thinking is allowed and welcomed, but ranting about unrelated topics isn't. If you must, do so behind a cut or better yet, in your personal journal.

6) Keep the comfort alive: This isn't all about you. Some people are still questioning their affiliation to religion and monotheism(or theism in general, as it may be) and thus, any type of 'holier than thou' nonsense will not be tolerated here. If you have useful information, post it.

7) Ignorance is not bliss: As a member of atheist_nation you are expected to have some level of intelligence such that '1+1=2' is not a wonder to you. If you have issues with provable and infallible logic and are not willing to learn, then this community is not for you.

8) While it is fun and frustrating to interact with 'fundies' and dance logical circles around them, this is not the place for fundy sparring.

9) Leave personal baggage off the screen: Unless you are on YouTube, you are essentially anonymous. There will be differences here in all aspects of character and personality and thus, we won't all get along. This is not a place to discuss/dissect our differences. Get over it and try to get along for the cause.

10) Speak for yourself: Don't make 'general' comments. Use "I" very often. While we all know the concept of a 'GOD' is not logical under any circumstances, your personal experiences may not(most likely won't) be the same for everyone.

11) Intro posts are mandatory: Not your whole life story, just a snippet of you and how/why you're an atheist. Keep it short and simple. And no, this is not up for criticism or judgment.

About off-site blogs (YouTube, Google, Forums etc):
The objective of this community is to unite atheists from all over the reachable world and let our voices be heard. If you have forums, blogs, videos blogs etc that get a lot of viewer traffic, it would be beneficial to link up with this community. Add this community to your list of links and encourage your audience to join. Submit your blog links to the community; all such links will be kept in an 'affiliates' entry.